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Kevin Leysath II is a music composer and saxophonist born in 2001 in Rochester, NY where he has been surrounded by music his whole life. Kevin currently studies Music Composition at Nazareth College School of music. After academia he plans to pursue a career in Film scoring. He currently collaborates with Filmmakers from the Rochester Institute of technology to score their films. His melodic style reflects his love for film music and catchy heartfelt themes whether it is sorrowful, or joyful.

Kevin has composed music ranging from sonata’s to saxophone quartet/ensemble music to electronic and hip-hop instrumental beats. He loves writing for strings, especially the cello because of how beautifully the instrument sounds and how it can in some cases resemble a voice. His works have been performed and recorded by groups such as Nazareth College’s Saxophone Society, Mcduffie Center for Strings student quartet and the mdi ensemble. As a winner of the MLK creative expression award, Kevin also enjoys writing programmatic music and pieces that tributes to people of African descent that have made a great impact on the world such as Maya Angelou and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. His composition training throughout the years has been led by composers such as Octavio Vazquez, Alison Plante, Clint Bajakan and Poalo Tortiglione.


Upcoming Performances

April 21st @ 12:10pm in Wilmot Hall

Yasuke - soprano sax and piano

April 23rd at 7:30pm in Beston Hall

Scenes from the Royal Gala -Sax Quartet

April 24th @ 3pm in Wilmot Hall

Scenes from the Royal Gala - Nazareth Saxophone Society

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

On a long ride I need music to listen to.
Wearing headphones,
I cancel out the world to focus on the vibrant and colorful sounds that fill my soul.
I turned to the next song,
Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey: this song often brings me to tears
alluring and pleasing it sounds to my ears.
Gazing out the window,
I could vividly visualize a movie scene with this song:
The way the sun came out and glorified the land filled with different colored trees in the light
the silhouette of mountains made adding music to the picture an even more tremendous sight.

- Kevin Leysath II


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